the Sokal Affair

After skimming the article by professor Sokal, I thought it seemed a little hard to read. My first opinion was that it resembled a very academic article with lots of citations to back up and confirm its work, yet it remained almost impossible for people who are not already experts in that field. While outside research helped me realize and confirm it’s a bit of a hoax, the problem in historical research that it exemplifies is very real; the problem that the only people who can educate the rest of society on their issue are the professionals, but that they need to do it in a manner that helps others to understand. The other problem that this article brings up and symbolizes is the need to always verify and try to find the truth. Knowing history ‘as it was’ will always be a struggle, and verifying to make sure sources are legitimate will forever remain difficult. In that sense, this article served as a wake-up for those who were not studying the information being published in their field, and history will always need to be just as vigilant.

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