Scrutinizing the Puritan Ethic

Morgan’s article on the ‘Puritan Ethic’ was a unique viewpoint influences of the American Revolution, especially since it differentiated itself (at least slightly)from the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’. From a more analytical viewpoint, however, one thought I always had throughout reading the article was that I did not think there were any primary sources used to describe the ‘British’ side of the argument, and while it was focused on the American view, knowing and describing the opposing viewpoint always helps reveal one’s own position. Other than that, I found his following different regional characters primary sources an excellent choice in supporting his claim and felt that it supported his overall thesis and research question. My biggest critique is that I found his ending conclusion a little bit foggy, and I think he could’ve reiterated his point a little more strongly. Otherwise, it was very informative, and considered strong enough to be cited by other historians in their own essays, which shows a contemporary stamp of approval, if nothing else.

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