Topic Description and questions

After some raking over of potential materials and discussion with professors, I have decided that I really want to research the cultural and demographic factors in colonial Louisiana, and the factors that affect them. Two aspects that I am currently eyeballing as potential directions for my topic are the waves of immigration and how they changed the colony while also adding more to the cultural and demographical mix. The other aspect would be to analyze the potential hostility between the original waves of colonists, like the Spanish and French, and how did that affect the development of colony as it asserted its cosmopolitan and diverse identity before it was bought by the United States. Three questions I could look at to further develop my research are;

1. Have any particular waves of immigration particularly affected Colonial Louisiana’s culture like no other?

2. Is there perhaps more of a spanish cultural influence, since the colony did not reach peak creole prosperity until it was primarily under Spanish domination?

3. Just how influential were the German francophiles in the creation and survival of the colony in its earliest stages?

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